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Slow Internet After Snow Leopard Install MacBook Pro


It's now been 3 weeks since I installed Snow Leopard Over my Leopard OS in my MacBook Pro.

Since then, no matter where I access internet and the speed of the connection, I get no more than 200-300 KBs using (im using

I have read and tried everything I have found so far, including clean install of snow leopard and restroing my data from time machine. As I do that speeds goes back to normal, from 4MBPs at home to 30MBPs at office.

Problem is. If I shut down and restart my computer, problem comes back and I have to reinstall and recover my backups to keep having speed internet access.

Im tired of searchin for answers and apple guys havent answer.

Would appreciate any help on this.
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One other thought before you do everything listed above. The second user test might have covered this anyway, but sometimes I see networking problems when people try to set location in the network system preferences. Sometimes setting this to automatic can solve these quirky issues.
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Thank You mccrick, I dont have any virus protection. and so far everything is running smoothly. I even restarted my mac after installed a program, the only thing different that i havent done is update microsoft office software. So after eliminating possible caouses im doing a lot of backups and will eventually find wish software update is causing conflicts with snow leopard.

If anyone have any idea is welcome.

Form now I am not shutting down my computer untill is strictly necessary.
If you did, then you should be restarting so that you can see when it breaks and try to correlate it with a change that was made. If you don't restart for a month and it goes back to super slo-mo you won't know what happened.

Microsoft updates can cause problems. It's unlikely at this point that someone will chime in and pinpoint the problem without looking at your whole system. Even if someone could see your whole system setup, they would probably still go through the steps I outlined. Good Luck.
Yes Mccrick, that is what im doing, Havent installed yet the new Ilife package or any other Microsoft update, but I will this week and make sure to restart after each so I can finally know wich is the software that is causing it.

Thank you.
Good advice although most of that I have already done. However very cooperative and willing to help.
so what caused the problem in the end? it would be interesting to know... or have you not solved it yet?