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add ssl certificate to apache webserver /wamp server

I have a windows domain, and one webserver that is running apache 2.0 as part of a wamp install.  I have a web application that i would like to run over ssl, however am having a hard time finding any good documentation on how to request/install a certificate.  

I would ike to install a certificate issued by my certificate authority if possible.  
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This howto is a little dated, but should still apply just fine:
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great instructions, however, after completing all the steps, the site is still listening on http 80, and not on https 443.  any ideas how to start toubleshooting?
you'll have to redirect http on to https. you can try writing a rewrite rule to redirect http on https
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what i'm saying is that when i visit, https://website there is no response from the server.
on a command line, do you see port 443 listening in the output of a netstat -a command?

If not, then you need to add the Listen directive.  There should already be one that looks like:

Listen 80

Just add another line:

Listen 443
Use below command to see if you have httpd instance running and bind to 443 port :

 netstat -lpn | grep 443

If you see a httpd process bound to this port. Then check httpd.conf for the Listen directive.

You should have something like :

Listen or just Listen 443  in side a <IfDefine SSL> section.

If its there, then make sure you have a VirtualHost entry for your website with IP:443 entry as well and not only IP:80 entry.

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switching to xamp i was able to get ssl working.  thanks te-edu