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MS SQL, 2 Identical numbers are returned when query checks for non-matching

In the following query, I can visually inspect the result, and it returns items where the cost and amount are identical.  

SELECT r.ReceiptId, s.Name AS SourceName, SUM(rb.Amount) AS Amount, r.Cost AS Cost
FROM Receipts r
  INNER JOIN ReceiptBudgets rb ON r.ReceiptId = rb.ReceiptId
  INNER JOIN Sources s ON r.SourceId = s.SourceId
WHERE r.Cost != Amount
GROUP BY r.ReceiptId, s.Name, r.Cost

Particularly note this part -- WHERE r.Cost != Amount

Yet I get values returned where r.Cost = Amount.  

What is wrong with my query?  

PLEASE NOTE:  I have also tried this --WHERE CAST(r.Cost AS MONEY) != CAST(Amount AS MONEY)

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>>What is wrong with my query?  <<
I suspect you are using Real or Float data types for Cost  and/or Amount.
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It was quite functional, worked perfectly, but wasn't explained for the difference, or why.
I tried.  Oh well...