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No network card in Hyper-V Server 2008 R2

I have just installed Hyper-V 2008 R2 on a DELL PowerEdge 2900 server, I have entered a VLANID for the network card (with the mmc app, creating a new virtual network) and now I can't ping the machine, how can I change back the setting and delete the second virtual network ? the only tool I can launch on the server is regedit.
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What do you mean with ' the only tool I can launch on the server is regedit.'

Did you install a virtual machine on the host, or is it on the host that you can only use regedit?

Please provide a full history of what you did and what you want to achieve.
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Previously i added some VM machine but i can't access the configuration via mmc

I can only log to the server and run dos app or launch some app such as notepad or regedit
On the host, you need to install the Hyper-V manager and from there you can manage your virtual machines, the Network cards and other options.

Your explanation is still very unclear.

Is it the Host Operating System that you are having problems with or the Virtual server inside the host?
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I previously installed the hyper-V manager and it had worked.

I added a virtual network with a lan id in it and now i can't ping the hyper-v machine.

when logged on the hyper-v machine I can't ping any host

on the hyper-v machine on the dos menu i have selected item 8 network parameters to change the ip address from static to dhcp and vice versa without success.

My problem is with the host operating system, i can't use the hyper-v manager to access it.
First off, assuming that you have another server or routher that handles DHCP, the two servers needs to have ICMP enabled for PING (Incoming Echo Request) to reply to a PING.

If you have both on DHCP and they are on the same subnet, you should be fine in locating the two servers on the network.

The bigger problem here is that you cannot use hyper-v manager. What might have caused this?
Maybe reinstall the hyper-v and the virtual machines and start from the beginning.

When you set up your first virtual machine, you need to configure settings such as hard drive space, network cards etc.

Once the virtual machine has been installed and up and running, you need to join it to the domain and set the IP address.

Both to create a new virtual machines and post installation tasks on the new server has a wizard/todo list that you should follow and complete.

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I finally resolved the problem by adding a NIC in the computeur, and deleting the virtual network with the hyper-v manager. after removing the supplemental nic everything returned to normal. I try nvsbind with the u switch but I didn't managed to do delete the vlanid
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here is the snapshot of my error, i activated VLAN on the main network