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Word couldn't send mail because of MAPI failure: "Unspecified error"

I previously can send open word document directly from outlook (without attaching the document).  I am not sure what happend but I now get the error :  Word couldn't send mail because of MAPI failure:  "Unspecified error"

This error can occur if you attempt to send a Word document as an e-mail attachment in Word and the MAPI session was closed and Word is no longer able to connect to that MAPI session. It can also occur if there is a problem with the fax configuration.
To correct a MAPI related error: restart the MAPI e-mail program (for example,Outlook) or save and close the document, and then restart Word after restarting your MAPI e-mail application. Word will establish a new MAPI session, allowing the document to be sent.
To correct a problem with the fax configuration, review the configuration settings for your fax software and make the appropriate changes.

Please help.

Thank you.
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Does it happen with every document? Or a specific one?

I had similar issue when trying to make Outlook send large files (over 10MB).

Besides, test few more theories: try copying the file to the local drive (preferably into C: root) and sending from there. Try creating another Outlook profile, setting it as default and sending through it. Try creating a new user profile on the workstation, setting up Outlook and sending the file through that profile.

By the by, before we get into all of the above, reboot the PC, open Command Prompt and run fixmapi.
BTW, also wanted to ask if it happens with other Office applications (for example, does it happen when you attempt to send email from MSExcel?)
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good solution..
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good solotuion