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Tool to calculate phsyical envoinrment usage towards virtualization


Can you please recommend some tool which can help me in calucating / measuring the usage of my existing applications/databases/network/physical servers on my LAN in order to help me in buying number of hosts / CPUs / memory including licensing etc. We want to virtualize our existing infrastructure but we wanted to know what is the current usage and how many hosts/CPU/Memory it require. thanks
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert PRO / EE Fellow/British Beekeeper)
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Hi again, tech2010

This was discussed here

Some tools as per thread

Within VMware vSphere is a component called Guided Consolidation, which monitors your Physical Servers over a number of days, weeks, months, and then gives a Confidence Level, but stars, as too whther it's a good candidate to virtualise, and then you use the Go, and it Converts it to a Virtual Server.


Capacity Planning Service and Tools but these are only Available to VMware Partners like us.

So if you engage with a VMware Partner, they can do this work for you.

I hope this helps, if in the UK, check our profile.
otherwise, you need to look at:-

Total disk Storage (current and growth)
Total memory of all servers (current and growth)
CPU Performance
Networking Performance

all can be checked with Perfmon.

Most Physical Servers under perform, apart from terminal/citrix application servers.

Big chunk of the budget will be Shared Storage (SAN) and VMware Licensing.
In addition to hanccocka has stated, VMware Guided Consolidation supports only upto 100 physical servers and only Windows Operating systems are supported.
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Is this the same criteria apply to our Citrix farm as we have 20 servers currently in the citrix farm which we would also like to virtualize as part of the whole project.

Should we be using ESXi to virtualize whole citrix farm or there is XenServer available but i dont know anything about XenServer? Is it same like ESXi host? do we have to use this citrix virtulization. Or please recomend some solution for Citrix Farm virtualization? thanks
Guided Consolidation tool can be used to assess your Citrix farms as well.

The limitation of Guided consolidation is the tool can only analyze and generate reports for Windows operating system.

The number of physical machines which can be analyzed by Guided Consolidation as indicated in my previous post is 100.
VMware ESXi and Citrix XenServer are type 1 (baremetal hypervisors) which do not require the presence of an operating system to function. They get installed on the base hardware and are specifically fine tuned for running virtuali machines.
@ arunraju: thats fine, we have less than 100 servers and all are Windows based. Is Guided Consolidation free component or we have to buy?

Regarding ESXi and Citrix XenServer, so can i then use ESXi instead of XenServer for Citrix Farm, else we will have to buy both seperately which does not make sense really to me.
so XenServer is not Vmware product? Does it build on the same manner as ESXi?
Guided Consolidation is part of vCenter Management.

VMware vSphere is similiar to Citrix XEN Server.

XEN is a Citrix Product.
Don't even think of Virtualising a Citrix Farm or you'll be very sorry!

One Server that you cannot really virtualise, or/well you can, but you'll not end up with 70 concurrent users per virtual server, like with a physical server.

But it depends in your reasons for virtualisation.

I would keep them physical, it doesn't make sense (or cost) effective to virtualise them.
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert PRO / EE Fellow/British Beekeeper)
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Citrix XenServer is a server virtualization product from Citrix and ESXi is from VMware.

Any application can be virtualized provided proper capacity planning is done for consolidation and also future expansion is given a thought as well.
thanks for your advise.