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home pool assistance

I'm going to be going into a home with a pool and have a couple of questions:

1.   what safety options are available for pool safety...I have a 3 year old boy.

2.  How do I take care of a pool?  Is there a device I can purchase so I don't have to pay someone a monthly fee to take care of my pool?
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There really isn't a good automated chemical addition thing that I know of though supposedly a salt pool takes less time to deal with chemicals. But you can learn to do it yourself. Usually you can just take a sample of the pool water to your local pool store (They will give you a small bottle for this) and they will analyze it and tell you what and how much chemicals to add.  Then you would need to brush the sides and bottom and vacuum it unless you have an automatic cleaner like Bidonet recommends then you would only need to brush it.

Bidonet has some good articles for you to review.