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Gmail issue: advertisements through email user

I noticed between the past couple of weeks that I've been receiving weblinks through a particular user.  These seem to be advertisements that this user is not affiliated with and when I attempt to go to these particular sites, I keep getting blocked by anti-virus software.

How to I resolve this issue?  The user that's sending me these links is using Yahoo mail and sending it to my Gmail account.
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Britt Thompson
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This is likely a virus on somebody else's machine spoofing their email address. This is a very common technique employed by folks who write viruses trying to get you to click on the emails. The virus searches the address book and sends out these emails automatically.

There's not much you can do about it except inform the user and keep yourself protected. Running a scan on your machine with Combofix, Malwarebytes and/or Hitmanpro wouldn't hurt either.
Are you expecting this person to send you e-mail with the links? If these are coming in at random, the person's e-mail account may have been compromised. I would contact the person and let he/she know they should change passwords. Gmail is filtered so I doubt this is a spam-related problem.


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