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Cannot reply outside office Using RPC in Exchange 2007

I have two servers,
Luxor with WindowsSBS2003 who is the Domain controller, and Zeus with WindowsSBS2008 that host exchange 2007. My main router has the ports that uses RPC forwarded to my Zeus server.

I have my mailbox hosted on Zeus on the Exchange 2007 server, which I have configured my Outlook 2010 using RPC on slow connection (when I am outside my office), the problem is that when I am outside my office I can receive mails but when I try to reply an email an error occurs, Outlook displays that I am not connected to the server..

I checked the Connection Status on Outlook and I noticed that the MAIL is connected to ZEUS but the DIRECTORY is trying to connect to LUXOR and is not able to connect, so I think the error is that Outlook is trying to connect to the Domain Controller and is not able to when I am using RPC outside my office.

I also receive this error on Exchange Test Connectivity on RPC test.
ttempting to ping RPC endpoint 6004 (NSPI Proxy Interface) on server Zeus.idi.local.
       The attempt to ping the endpoint failed.

What can I do?, did I explained my self?
Thank you in Advance
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Britt Thompson
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You need to make sure you've enabled Outlook Anywhere in Exchange 2007, you can access your Outlook Web Access from the outside using HTTPS and that you've configured Outlook to use HTTPS to connect to the server.

Your OWA address is typically the address you need for Outlook Anywhere and try using basic authentication.
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Just added the two server on the hosts files so it will not try to connect through IP6.