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Why cant I take snapshots to a network drive.
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I am not aware of a restriction that doen't allow snapshots to be saved to a network drive/share - but I haven't tried it myself. What error message are you receiving, and are there any events being generated in the event logs related to this?

How to do it

Storing your Hyper-V files on a file server is pretty straightforward.
There are, however, a few of things that you need to implement this properly with Hyper-V.

First of all, remember to grant access to the computer account of the computer running Hyper-V.
This is the DOMAIN\COMPUTERNAME$ account, which you can use in the same way you would use a regular user account when granting permissions.

The second thing is that you need to do is use a UNC path when pointing to the file server.
This is a path that looks like \\SERVERNAME\SHARENAME.
Using a mapped drive or mount point does not work with the Hyper-V Manager tool.

Last but not least, you need to do this at the computer running Hyper-V (or connected via Remote Desktop to that computer).
If you try to use the Hyper-V Manager tool remotely, you will get an error message saying "Failed to create external configuration store at '\\SERVERNAME\SHARENAME\FOLDERNAME': General access denied error (0x80070005)".
You can work around this by using constrained delegation to allow a workstation to work on behalf of the computer running Hyper-V.
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I found an article that gives some good information about the Hyper-V snapshots in general:

I didn't see anything about network drives, but I only skimmed it.
Have a look at this thread. you might find the answers you are looking for.

What specifically are you trying to accomplish?  If you're looking for VSS backups (snapshots), there are plenty of products out there that will let you take snapshots and save them to another location.  Microsoft DPM 2010 is a very good product which allows you to take block-level backups (snapshots) and save them on separate storage.