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Outlook 2010 templates in the toolbar/ribbon.

In the older versions of Outlook, you could create shortcuts to the templates and put them in the toolbar following this handy-dandy artice:
I can't figure out how to replicate this ability in 2010. I can add the Choose Forms command which would be fine if I could get it to default to the right directory (on a mapped drive on the server).

An acceptable solution would be either:
1. How to actually customize the toolbar or quicksteps to add templates
2. How to change the default location that opens when you hit the 'Choose Form' command to a folder of my choice.
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I also used individual macros for individual templates using.

Sub NameOfTemplate
End Sub

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You also need to do objWord.WindowState = wdNormal before changing Top for it to work every time. You may want to save and reset this setting too.
To anyone reading this later. These last couple posts are just tests. I'm doing it here since I'm the only one on this thread and it won't get in anyone's way. When we post code, sometimes the code block has a ton of whitespace at the end and I want to see if there's a pattern to when it does it.

This code has a line break after it

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Test 2
This code does not

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Test 3
This one has no line break at the start or end

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Test 4
This one was made by typing the code command not clicking on it.

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Okay, I give up.