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Efficient method to create a "primary contact" on a Microsoft Access 2007 form

Not sure if my title accurately describes what I'm trying to accomplish, but here's the scenario.

I have two tables - tblDeals and tblContacts with a One-to-Many relationship (one deal has many contacts)

The contacts table has a YES/NO field called "primarycontact". Currently, I have a form (tblDeals) with a datasheet subform (tblContacts). The way the application is currently set up, a user is able to select multiple "primarycontacts" in the subdatasheet by checking the checkbox. The point of the "primarycontact" field is to specify only 1 primary contact for each deal in tblDeals.

I am trying to determine the most efficient way to solve this problem. Currently, users can mark multiple contacts as the primary contact. Is there a way to only allow 1 contact in the subdatasheet to be selected? I thought about doing away with the "primarycontact" field altogether and creating a combobox on the form. The combobox would be populated with the contacts associated with the current record.

Any advice/guidance is greatly appreciated!!
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sb9...thanks for the reply. I am going to try this out. Will let you know how it works.