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Wierd Exchange/Outlook Authentication issues

Interesting error I have currently.  When trying to use Outlook 2007 with Exchange 2007 on a SBS 2008 server. When trying to check email I get an authentication request form my Exchange server.  for user I have tried domain/user, user@internaldomain, user@external email domain, user for password I have tried the only one possible the same one used to log in to the domain, and domain log in is working fine. Here is the interesting part OWA functionality with the same user is fine send/receive all working.  Any ideas?
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I guess this has to do with the outlook anywhere functionality. If you go to tools -> accounts -> your account. Choose edit , then choose moore settings, click connection and disable outlook anywhere.
Try again.
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Outlook anywhere is already disabled.
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Yeah that seems to stop the authication issue but now outlook lags when recieving messages.  Just sits there (Send/Recieve status 50%) trying to process the incoming mail for a long time eventually does recieve with no errors but the time delay is annoying.
Good  - but remember that you are in the MS universe: You have to restart everything first! Server and client. Then you might complain :)
Glad it helped!
I should say this is only when manually sending or recieving auto since I am in cached mode I receive mail automatically.
So I assume you are satisfied with the solution?
Yes there is no longer a authentication issue, and the send/receive lag is a new issue I will have to fix thank you.