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IE open on dual monitors

I have a client that has a new Windows 7 Pro PC. It has dual monitors with the 2nd monitor as extended desktop. He has several IE links on his desktop. He needs to open 2 of these links one on EACH monitor. Now it opens them on top of each other & we can't get one IE window on each monitor.

Has anyone run across this before & have found a solution??

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Are you opening multiple tabs or multiple instances of IE?

If you open IE two separate times (from Start-->Programs), you should be able to move one to the 2nd monitor.
Also you may want to right click on the task bar, choose properties and on the taskbar buttons drop down menu choose never combine.
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The IE shortcuts are on his desktop. We click on each one separately. So they should each load in a separate window. But they are opening each in the same window or same instance of IE.
Try disabling Tabbed Browsing and see if that makes a difference.

Tools --> Internet Options -->  Tabs (Settings)

Uncheck 'Enable Tabbed Browsing'

Then restart IE and try it again.
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Also in the Tabbed Browsing Settings window under "Open links from other programs in", click on radio button next to "A new window". Both of these solved the problem. Thanks!!