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Outlook File

I'm freaking out here.  As with many (most?) who use Outlook, I have become rather dependent on it continually saving changes to my PST file.  I recently upgraded to Windows 7 and after (with your help) overcoming the "Access Permissions" issue things have seemed to be working fine.  But I went to back up my Outlook.pst file to a removable drive, and when I searched my entire computer for the location of the file the only Outlook.pst file it found was a week old!  I use (and change) Outlook several times a day, so this doesn't make any sense (for years I've been going through the same process, and the "last modified" date is always when I last closed the program.  Any ideas?


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Alan Hardisty
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The location of the .PST file is buried below a couple of hidden folders under c:\users\userprofilename\appdata\local\microsoft\outlook.

That is the default location and should be where you .PST file is located.
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Hi Phil, Try going to tools->account settings -> data files and you should find the location of the file. This is how I find them in outlook 2007

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Thank you all !  This was a pretty scary few minutes.  Happy New Year!