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AS400 - Send code to someone else

I have some programs and files on our as400. I would like to send these to someone else. What is the easiest way to send them, so they will be able to load them and run them. There is a lot of code.
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OK, thanks
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Typically, the best way to send native AS/400 objects from one system to another is to back it up to tape, optical, or a save file, send the tape, optical media, or save file to the other person, and have them restore it.

For example, if you have a program that uses three libraries: LIBA, LIBB, and LIBC, and you want to send the entire contents of all thre libraries (programs, data, etc.), you could do this:

CRTSAVF SAVF(somelib/mysavf)

A save file is nice, since it can be transferred electronically (FTP, for example).  Just make sure and do a binary FTP transfer.

Joe Hertvik, as usual, has written a nice article on the in's and outs of sending save files VIA FTP.  (Thanks, Joe!):,289483,sid3_gci797779_mem1,00.html

If these are java programs, then you can just package them up into an archive (ZIP, JAR, WAR, etc.) like on any other platform and send the archive using FTP or the transfer tool of your choice.

- Gary Patterson
Sorry for the duplicate answer.  garypfirsttech must've posted while I was still writing!