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SQL OUTPUT TO with space in file path

I have a script that calls a SQL text file with an OUTPUT TO command to create a CSV file.  I am trying to get this to go to a UNC path with spaces in the folder names.  I am trying several combinations of quotes and cannot get it to work.  I'm sure this is easy but I haven't been able to google for the correct information.

I am trying

OUTPUT TO "\\servername\share\folder name\another folder\filename.csv" qoute' ';

If I go to a path without spaces and use below, it works.  

OUTPUT TO \\servername\share\filename.csv qoute' ';
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Bonus question...

How can I date stamp the file name?  I'd like

Example Date 12/30/2010

Filename= filename_12-30.csv
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this is MySQL, right?
what os?
usually, you might need to escape the (double) quotes also.
It looks more like SQL Server from the example given but running

MySQL on a Windows machine the following works.
 	'C:\\Folder With Space\\result.txt'

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The key is the double slashes in the output location so try.

OUTPUT TO "\\servername\\share\\folder name\\another folder\\filename.csv"

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I believe it is MS SQL Server 2005 (Version 9).  Forgive my lack of SQL/DB knowledge.  It's running on Windows XP and on Win Server 2003.  I have multiple databases that I need to do this on.

Very close...didn't work the first time.  I added a third slash before the servername since you added a slashed to all the sub folders.  That worked.  It needed three slashes, then 2 slashes for all the sub folders with double quotes around the path.

OUTPUT TO "\\\servername\\share\\folder name\\another folder\\filename.csv" quote' ';

Now, how about adding a date stamp to the file name?
How you are running this query? Automated from a script?

If so you could assign a variable at the top of the script to be the date.

Then pass the variable into the OUTPUT statement.

OUTPUT TO "\\\servername\\share\\folder name\\another folder\\filename_" + @Date + '.csv" quote' ';

The syntax there will be wrong, I don't have MS SQL to test this on.
Can you give specific syntax?  I'm trying to declare at the top:


OUTPUT TO "\\\servername\\share\\folder name\\another folder\\filename_" + @FileDate + '.csv" quote' ';

That isn't working.  Am I way off?
you will need dynamic sql for that...

apart from that, you will \\\\ instead of \\\ in the beginning.
I'm unable to test the syntax, I don't have access to a MSSQL machine.
It's actually Sybase SQL Anywhere.
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I don't know if there is a better place to post this but it would be helpful if a new category could be added for the product 'Sybase SQL Anywhere', which this question refers to, as it is distinct from both Microsoft and Sybase SQL Server.