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Setting up a LAN

I've been asked if I could set up a Windows domain for a company. This will include me doing the following:

- Setting up 2 servers as domain controllers
- Setting up around 40 users on the domain
- Setting up a few LAN printers
- Setting up around 10 new workstations
- Setting up a logon script
- Installing & configuring new backup software
- Training the on staff IT guy the day to day operations of a Windows domain (resetting passwords, adding a new user, checking backups,etc.)

I've done this type of work numerous times but this was when I was working full time & it was part of my job on a salary.

My question is, can someone give me some pointers on what I should charge. The company wants me to do this on a contract with ongoing support if they need help troubleshooting something or if the on staff IT guy needs help with something. The going rate in my area is around $50 per hour for network related services of this type. I'm guessing I can have all that needs to be done within 2 - 3 days. I don't want to present a contract to them with a dollar figure that will blow their minds but I don't won't to undercut it either.

Can someone refer me to a sample contract or give me some pointers on how you've handled a situation like this? This will be a Windows 2008 LAN with Win 7 & XP workstations. Thanks

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To give you an idea about the costs, you can contact some other network contractor companies and get them to bid on the work for you, obviously you will not hire them or tell them why you are asking them to bid on it.

When you see what other people will charge, you should have a good idea what to charge them.