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Lync Server consolidation

What is the process to collapse 3 lync 2010 servers into a single server. The servers were setup as enterprise Lync servers. One is a front-end server, one is a director, and one is a monitoring server. This is a virtual lab environment, and there is a need to claim back resources for other applications. There is an action in the topology builder to Remove Topology, which says it will remove all except for one enterprise edition Lync server instance. It appears that is the way to go, but does anybody have any other ideas or some helpful suggestions about the remove topology option? Servers are all running W2K8 R2 and AD is also W2K8 R2.
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Just remove the director and the monitoring server, you shouldn't need a director in that environment anyway but just install a monitoring role on the FE server afterwards if ats what you want.
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Thank you, Awhughes, are you saying remove Lync software from the servers running as a Director and a Monitoring server? How is the topology and master management server database going to be updated?
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Thank you, I have actually already completed this, but the suggested idea was good. I removed the roles from the topolgy, moved the share to the server to be kept, published the topology, and removed Lync from the 2 servers, Testing functionality was successful.