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W7 "My Document" redirct error

when I try to add a network location to the Document libraries it says " This network location can't be included because it is not indexed."
I want to be able to locate each user "My Documents" out on the network instead of there profile.
Is there a way around this?
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Are you trying to do Folder Redirection or simply add it to the Library?
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I'm just trying to add it to the library.
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It does not support network locations unless there is some other indexing going on. Looked into it a while ago for a customer but never got it working. You can try and trick the system into thinking a network is a local drive:
Is indexing an option? What does that intail? Its on a 2003 file server.
using the link you provided using method 2.
 I am getting a error message stating that "the system can not find the path specified"  but I can do a dir command and see the network drive. So I am thinking it can not find the folder I deleted on the C: because if I don't delete it and run the command it says "cannot create file when that file already exists"
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I figured it out myself
thanks for all the input though
Could you explain in detail how you got this to work GoHuskers?

I will try to remember
`indexing has to be off
`you have to go into "My Documents" and then into properties.

I attached a picture
if this doesn't help let me know and I'll think a little deeper