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VBA Access error 3061 & 3265

Here comes the code that gives me an error runtime
30    StrParam = "Parameters [NBRound] Integer, [NbHole] Integer; "
40    sqlsuppshot = StrParam & "DELETE * " _
      & " FROM TbShots " _
      & " WHERE nbRoundID = [NbRound] " _
      & " AND nbholenb = [nbHole];"
50    Set qdf = Db.CreateQueryDef("suppshot", sqlsuppshot)
60    qdf.Parameters("NbRound").Value = 24
70    qdf.Parameters(NbHole).Value = 7
80    Db.Execute "suppshot", dbFailOnError

First run returns error 3061 too few parameters
Second run returns error 3265 item not found

Thanks for the help
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Error 3061 comes on line 60
Error 3265 comes on line 70
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DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Former Microsoft Access MVP)
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I'm now back to the "error 3061" problem; too few parameters !
Thank's anyway.
Seems like a long shot, but maybe that is case sensitive:

StrParam = "Parameters [NBRound] Integer


qdf.Parameters("NbRound").Value = 24
If not ...

Can you upload the db ...?
I've grabbed a small part of the whole database to isolate the problem ( one form, one cmd button, one proc)
I've added four msgbox lines to check the parameters values & names and it seems to work well.
So.... your turn expert !
The "delete object"line in line 20 is awkward but it's a quick & dirty way to save time for trial purpose only
Thanks again Trial1.accdb
I will look at this tomorrow.  I have a band gig to get ready for now ...


On the first db i'd left unneccesary code lines. hereunder comes a better one