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New WiFI Cisco Clean air infrastructure

I am interested in knowing what people think of the new 3500 clean air accesspoints. We are working on setting up a new WIFI infrastructure with 12 of these units and i was curious to see if you think that the extra cost associated with withe clean air cisco units is worth it. we work in a busy office building with many SSIDs broadcasted as is. is it possible to run ONE SSID for our infrastructure and have clean air technology maintain the strength, integrity and channel consistency  for us?
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Is it possible to have say 50% clean air and the rest not? to save cost? or does it have to be a thoroughbred environment? Also what LAN controllers support the CA feature? DO older ones, and if so can they just geta a firmware upgrade to support it?.

Sure, you can have a hybrid WLAN, but you won't get 100% of the benefit.
Most controllers should work as long as they can be upgraded to 7.x
5508 is preferred platform, but 4400 will also work fine.
I recently installed a network on a 5508 with 12 AP units and so far the results are amazing.    It was a dev shop where every desk had setup its own wifi lan so there were almost 100 SSIDs listed if you did a simple browse.  That is a lot of interference and the old infrastructure received a lot of trouble tickets and complaints.     We installed the 5508 and spread out the APs across floors and so far the wifi LAN is much improved.    

The 1 quirk that I see in this setup is the fact that as a roaming user will travel trough the building, their associated AP will not change even if there is a stronger signal from a closer AP.   It will not 'hop' to the stronger signal until the rekey timeout hits every 30 minutes.    They never lose connection, but its just the nature of the network.    Nothing to be done about it without a smarter client package.     For load balance to work, you would also need a client package that supports it.  We were forced to leave that turned off.  

any suggestions on what client packages to use?
The 'client package' is the driver for the client wifi adapter and the software used to control thewifi networks (i.e. windows built-in, intel proset, etc).  

After many calls with cisco TAC about these little quirks, it all boiled down to the client driver and software as the cause for alot of the issues.    

oh ok. thanks. any suggestions for one they recommend?
Cisco doesn't recommend client drivers.   This is whatever the manufacturer provides to get the wifi adapter up and running.    Cisco can't control what the manufacturers provide or the quality of the code.