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how to fix Local Access Only wireless access to Netgear on Windows Vista Home Premium

Ok have perplexing issue trying to help friend set up home wireless access with new Netgear (N300 Wireless Router)  Model WNR2000 v3 is what is running on Netgear router login software for setup.

Set everything up fine, and wireless connects but give local access only.  Brought my computer over which also has Vista Home premium and it connects to his wireless fine with local and internet access.

His computer works fine from the LAN plugged in from the Netgear modem.  His computer connects to other wireless fine.

Computer with Issue:  Toshiba Satellite, Windows Vista Home prem 32bit
Wireless adapter is:  Atheros AR5007EG  Driver ver:  (haven't found more updated.  seems to be current)

ISP:  gives out DHCP
Steps tried:   1. Reset Router many times trying different security types and no security at all and they all give local access only on this computer.  Now using WPA2-Personal AES.  No option for WEP.
2. Tried to set Static IP and set up the DNS and default gateway manually and get same results.  Tried getting IP automatically but Default Gateway assigned and same thing
3. Turned firewall completely off. anti vir off
4. Turned the IPV6 off
5. disabled nic and let it reinstall, all that good stuff
6. Tried this without success
7.  Even looked at MAC address of wireless adapter and tried that route

I can ping the IP it gives to both the Wireless and LAN, but unplug LAN and wireless again only gives local only.  Attached ipconfig /all results

Any help appreciated. tcpinfo.txt
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That's a tough one.  IP configuration appears okay, and if what you are saying is true (can connect via wired, not via wireless, can connect to another wireless, another PC can connect via this wireless)...then I'm wondering if there isn't something else configured on the router side (MAC address filtering or something along those lines).

I would start by logging in to the Wireless Router's admin console and seeing if you can see current sessions.  Do both sessions (the good machine and the broken machine) look the same from that side?

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does his computer obtain an IP address from the router?

can he ping the routers IP address?

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Jerry Dunning


Brian:  router connnected devices looks same from good to bad computer.

Bad: shows both the wired and wireless as connected along with the MAC address from both NIC's. but yet wireless access only local.  Should be no MAC filtering i'm aware of anyway.

hanccocka:  cant ping or tracrt those IP's 158.152.222.  I can ping all the NDS and Gateway and IP from good to back computer though.  I take that back.  Attatched tracert txt file for 158.152.222 tracert.txt
okay, that tracert shows that Internet is working from this computer.
and also reverse DNS is working?

can you try and ping
Ok Can ping wired of course but not just wireless.  Same with tracrt on that so the post of tracert earlier of course was with wireless and wired both connected.  
Disconnect the wired connection from the router.

Start a command prompt Run/Cmd

type ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

do you get an IP address  via wireless?

and what are the results of ping and traceroute? (wireless)

don't connect wired and wireless, because it will mess with the results, and you don't know which way traffic is flowing, wired or wireless, I suspect wired only!
yeah i figured that much after I sent the results.  So just wireless and do the release and renew and always brings back same IP as original IP post (Preferred)
okay, so via wireless only, you can get an IP address from the router.

and you can ping the router ( I assume it this?

but you cannot ping or tracert to it either wirelessly?

but you can from your computer connected?

have you tried statically allocating the IP address your computer got, to this machine and trying test again?
yes correct on all accounts.  router is and can ping that on both bad and good.
cannot ping or tracert 158.... can from good, or wired on bad.

I've tried giving the IP my good computer gets statically to the other along with DNS and gateway info and still local only.  Of course had to release that IP from good so it was available.  Its crazy.  Appreciating any ideas.  
in that case, it MUST be something on that PC! on the wireless card.

DROP ALL Encryption and re-test.
Drop all encryption?  expand a little for me sorry not exactly sure on that one.

I have Disabled all anti-vir and firewall, and even set wireless to know security resetting router one of the times.  I think something to do with PC too.  Toshiiba Sattelite with wireless nic:  Atheros AR5007EG  Driver ver:  (haven't found more updated.  seems to be current)

I mean turn OFF encryption on the router, e.g. No WEP, No WPA, No WPA-2.

if you've down that I'm at a loss, I've seen issues with Atheros and NetGear equipment, where NO Wireless association happens, but this is not quite true, in this case, because it does get an ip address, it's just unable to route internet traffic from the Wireless Card.

what happens when you try and ping and traceroute
Yeah I have done that.  man this one sucks.  wireless I am unable to ping and tracerout that IP.  going to go head out to friends for while.  Taking problem CPU with to try one more wireless point.  Lynksys setup.  will see if that connects.  If so I'm almost ready to have him box up the router take it back to get lynksys.  just so strange mine connects.  It should be said though that even mine isnt' super stable and ocassionally does the local only.  And SO, I have disconnected mine from everything and did all these steps with just his connected with same results.
Well the computer connects fine on other wireless networks as it connected to mine and another friends.  We both have lynksys.  so something with this netgear and his computer.
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert PRO / EE Fellow/British Beekeeper)
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