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MS Outlook 2007 - some contacts folders missing after .pst restoration

I have a client who's running Windows 7 Pro and MS Office 2007. I recently did a complete system recovery, with re-formatted hard drive, which went flawlessly.

After I restored the .pst file in users/username/appdata/local/msoffice/outlook, Outlook opened fine, with all of the mail folders and messages intact.

Unfortunately, the only contacts displayed are one small set of personal contacts. She's missing several custom contact folders that she had maintained in Outlook before the backup/restore.

I ran scanpst.exe on the .pst file, and it did find and fix some errors, but did not resolve the problem.

Any ideas? Are there third party utilities that allow you to view the contents of .pst files independently from MS Outlook?
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Yes, try Stellar Phoenix PST Recovery:

It's not cheap, but it let's you try the software to see what's recoverable before you purchase it.
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You might also want to verify that these other contacts were not stored on the server or in other pst files on her hard drive.

When you say, "I recently did a complete system recovery, with re-formatted hard drive..."

Does this mean that her old hard drive was reformatted? Did you make a complete backup before reformatting?

In general, it's best to get a second hard drive and reimage this hard drive swapping the physical hard drive in case something like this happens for future refrence. This way you can always put the oringal hard drive back in to pull whatever data you need off of it.
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Thank you for your comment.

This user is not on MS Exchange Server,  just using locally installed Outlook 2007 client.

This whole episode originally started when the user was unable to log into Windows 7. Her user name and password fields were there, but she got an error saying "user profile not found" when she tried to log in.

The first thing I tried was to access the corrupted hard drive as an external drive, but was unable to access the users/appdata directories. With the blessing of the user (since she was backed up on line), I went ahead and did the full disk recovery.

Outlook .pst file was restored from a complete backup data set that had been uploaded to an online backup service

I always do try to protect user data first, and have often done what you recommend: load the operating system from scratch on a new drive and then migrate data over from the old one.

I don't think this is a .pst file corruption issue, I believe it's probably a setting or command line fix to get Outlook to "see" the additional contact folders.
okay, I see what you are saying.

Can you switch to folder view in Outlook?

Maybe you can find them then. The default view is to see Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, etc.; but in folder view, you should be able to see all the folders where you might be able to find the other contacts folders.

Leaving work, but I'll check back in about an hour.
Thanks for the assist. I forwarded it to my client, and will let you know the result.
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there is actually a way to possibly recover the emails that I've learned since my last use a text editor, and remove( zero out) the first few specific bytes byte 7 to byte 13 I believe.

after this, you run scanpst and the scanpst repair utility is forced to search the whole pst for any emails since the zeroed out part of the file clears the table of contents.

I have more details on how to do this at work so let me know if you need the info.