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character count until comma

Is there a way to make the '12' in $var2 equal to the end of an address?
For example.

COMPANY A 100 Avenue K, Suite 205 NEW YORK, NEW YORK, 10014

COMPANY A = strlen($row['ENTITY_M']) so thats taken off the address string
Can it detect how many characters there are up until th e first comma so that $var2 would = 100 Avenue K
//Find how many characters are in the first part of the address                                  
                                    echo "STRING LENGTH: ". strlen($row['ENTITY_M']);

//Create a searchable variable to match the underlying address
                          $var2 = substr($row['ENTITY_ADD'], strlen($row['ENTITY_M']), 12);
//Search database for something like the remainder of the address string
                          $query2 = "SELECT * FROM $tbl_name WHERE `ENTITY_ADD` LIKE '%".$var2."%'";
                          $result2 = mysql_query($query2) or die(mysql_error());

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Ray Paseur
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Easy!  explode() on comma and get strlen of the first part of the array.

Or get strpos() of the comma.
All of the PHP functions are documented with user-contributed notes on the PHP web site.  Example:
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Ray Paseur
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Please show code.
The code is at ID:34452172.

But the PHP man pages are a much better online learning resource than me.  I only know what I know.  The PHP community is smarter than any one individual.  That is why I recommend that you check the man pages on every time you use a function.  When you know a function so well that you no longer need to check the man page, you have a proficiency in that function.  There are over 4,000 PHP functions, and they are all documented there on