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Best way in Outlook to Journal all Calendar events

I have a situtation whereby the boss uses two computers and a Blackberry. One of the PC's run's Outlook 2007 and the other has Outlook 2003.

His calendar is very full of meetings and appointments and he has an administrative assistant set up as his delegate. There have been several instances of diappearing meetings or meetings being moved to new times. Likely these were accidentally deleted but I'm looking for a way to log the activity for anything related to his calendar. After looking through the Outlook Journaling feature , it seems pretty clumsy. He probably has over 1,000 contacts and it seems like you have to click on each one of those to select for Journaling? What about meeting requests from people not already in his contacts? Seems like there should be an easy way to track all the calendar events via the journal but I can't seem to figure it out.

Thanks Experts!  
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Thanks Brett. Not exactly the answer i was looking for but for now I changed the delegate to read only access on the calendar. I'll see how it goes on that