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IE8 - Favorites html

Sorry for this very Q, but in which directory is the IE8 favorites.html file stored.  I want to backup this to an external drive, so that if disaster strikes where my disk becomes inaccessible, as in my last pc, I would at least have  this file, safe and intact to copy back to my new pc.  My OS is Windows 7 and I use IE8.  BTW all my data is saved on an ext HD.  Thanks.
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Ryan Smith
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easiest solution is to click favorites, then the drop down next to add to favorites, export bookmarks
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I am using a software to back up important files and folders that I would need if my pc and HD drops dead on me again.  It was a nightmare.  Thus the necessity to know where it is located and to back it up as and when it gets changed.
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It's not "favorites.html",  it is your "Favorites" folder in your user profile.

C:\Documents and Settings\user\Favorites on Win2000 and XP.  I think they moved some of those things in Win7.
IN wIN 7, my c:\documents and settings folder is inaccessible.  It says "Access denied".
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Your last sentence worked.
Good and thanks!