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Outllook displays date/time of migrated email to imap, not the date/time it was sent. ?

User's current setup:
Outlook 2007 with yahoo mail via pop3.

New setup:
needs to access Outlook on desktop and laptop via outlook 2007 and want to change to personalized domain name/email.

my attempt at a solution:  I am migrating Outlook file to google apps account with Google's Outllook Migration tool so the user can connect to google email via Imap/outlook from both his computers.  

Problem: When I sync the old outlook file to Gmail everything appears fine in the browser.  The timestamp, data, etc are all correct.  However the emails downloaded from Google back to outlook are now stamped with the time/date that they were migrated into google, not the original date.  Is there something I can do to get Outlook to show the date & time that is seen via the web browser?
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just to clarify.... when I say the timestamp in Outlook is the time it was migrated.... i am referring to the Time displayed in the "inbox" view.  When I view the email, it has the correct time & date shown.  For example, an email sent on 9/26/2010 at 3:30pm is sorted in the Inbbox view as if it was received at 6:00pm today since that is when it was migrated to gmail.  When I open the email, it shows
"sent : 9/26/2010 3:03pm"
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The field sorting solved the issue.  Thanks.

Thank you for accepting my answer, but I'm not sure why you assigned me a B grade. Your question was, "Is there something I can do to get Outlook to show the date & time that is seen via the web browser?" I gave you the exact answer for that, as well as a description of the root cause and an alternative product that makes the problem go away. I gave you far more than you asked for.

You should assign a grade based on how well my solution answered your question, which was perfectly. You are not grading me on the fact that Google's Outlook Migration tool is poorly written, which I have no control over.