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Where is the signature option in Microsoft Office Customization Tool?

Hi, I am using Microsoft Office Customization Tool to customize my Office 2010 install.
I will be upgrading from Office 2003 and 2007
During upgrade to Office 2010I found that users who have Outlook 2003 signature configured to append automatically for new emails when they upgrade, the signature no longer appends automatically.
I cannot find the Microsoft Office Customization Tool setting to control the Outlook signature. Can anybody tell me where it is?
Is it possible to control the signature from Microsoft Office Customization Tool or does it have to be configured after the install using Group Policy?

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Thank you. I suspected this but needed to confirm. BTW what are the other setting that don't migrate?
Any customizations to the menu/ribbons won't copy over and any VBA macros may need to be exported separately. Basically everything else is in the pst file and main registry key so you should be good for the rest.
You can create a script to copy the signatures folder from their profile to the new location.  We do that for out site and it works fine.