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Passing Multi value parameters through URL Query string

Hi Experts,

There are certain limitations when i pass the values to the URL  through a query string  to the drill through report (using the Java Script , Go to URL option in SSRS 2008).  Please find below my observations and plz. provide the solution of how to overcome these.

Observation 1 :

 I am using the multi value parameters and when the user select  "Select ALL" option , then the no. of characters exceed the 2083 characters (max. no of characters passed  through the query string to the URL)

How to overcome this  ??

Please provide the solution for the Observation 1 and correct my code below.

Java Script(used in the Report) :

+"&Audit_Manager="+Join(Parameters!Audit_Manager.Value, "&Audit_Manager=")
+"&Month_And_Year="+ FORMAT(Fields!ACTISSUEDATE.Value,"MMM-yy")+"','ChildW','toolbar=yes,location=yes,directories=yes,status=yes,menubar=yes,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes'))"


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Hi Sudaraka:

I want to handle this in the report expression within the BIDS(Business Intelligence Development Studio) rather than creating a New Html Form (using method="POST")

Can't I use the method="POST" within the report expression .  I have a trouble in using this as the parameters vary from  report to report and I have Many reports with Multiple Parameters (more than 100 reports ).

Can't  I mitigate this by using in the Report Expression  with in the BIDS?

Please provide me an easy solution ?



Sorry, I'm not familiar with BIDS. Maybe there's a way you can modify the report templates.
Hi Sudaraka:

Where to pass the Report Parameters (Is it with in the report (or) from the HTML Form ??).

At the moment , I am passing everything and handling everything with in the report.

Could you please walk me through steps of how to achieve this in detail as I am not very familiar in .NET ?



Your problem here is that the query string you have on your report to open the second page exceeds the maximum allowed length of a query string right?
The way so solve this is to send your parameters in HTTP POST, instead of sending it via query string.

Simplest way is to create HTML form for each link with each parameter in a hidden field, and post that form to get to the second page.

Please note that I'm not familiar with the BIDS and SSRS services you use here, I'm speaking in general about HTML and HTTP GET/POST.
Maybe there are method in the platform you use to do this easily. You should use the "Request Attention" link to get the designated experts of this zone to participate in this question who will have more insight on the matter than I am.