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can we embed YouTube private videos in our website

I have a channel on YouTube, and I have marked my videos as private to secure and avoid the unauthorized access. Now I need to view my YouTube videos in my website using embed code. Is there any solution?
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Thanks mail2divyesh,

Basically we have uploaded bunch of videos on you tube already and now we want to mark them private, and we have also embedded these ones in our website already.

Basically you tube needs authentication to play or view the private videos.

Now we need a solution, through which we will able to login to you tube and get session id, then redirect to our embedded videos page, so those can play.........

Any solutions?
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Googling around a bit, it seems you are on your own there.
I suggest you host the videos elsewhere.
But what is the "AuthSub for Web Applications" in YouTube API? It is not for to login to you tube and perform your tasks?
Or what is the "ClientLogin" in YouTube API?
What I read was that you can only share private videos with 25 people.

but have a look here for comparison between authentications
dear mplungjan

I am not going to share private videos with others,

I just want to embed my own youtube private videos in my website......................
I was looking at things like

And you cannot view a private video that has not been shared as far as I can read.

but let's see if someone here knows better, since I have never used the API. Just wanted to see if I could find more info for you
There should some work around to sort out this problem, I think it should be sort out using YouTube API, because I have videos under my account at YouTube. Those should be accessible at least to me in every circumstances. whether using API or something else ...........
You can provide a link on your website to your video on YouTube.  Thousands of people do this every day -- what is wrong with that?  The link leads them directly to the YouTube video without any login (assuming you don't have any privacy restrictions).

I think you are going about it the wrong way.  Make the video on YouTube freely available and simply link to it on your own web page.  Who is going to find it anyway if your page is the ONLY link to it ????
Scratch you ara not being helpful. Obviously the asker has reasons and now needs our help in restoring access
hi scratch,

Thanks for your reply but I think you have not perceived my query correctly, please re read the previous threads...
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

The question has either no comments or not enough useful information to be called an "answer".
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Enough information was provided saying - "A Youtube video cannot be classified as private and also been accessible to all via link".. Inshort its not possible..

If you think this is not an answer (Atleast,I dont see a way this can be done so an appropriate response was given), please feel free to do so!