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Citrix VDI


We would need to pilot the Citrix VDI architecture ( with streaming , App integration with XenApp, hosted and shared desktops, etc) and the plan at the moment is to install and pilot XD 5 and at the same bring out the benefits over XD4. The Hypervisor would be MS Hyper-V.

In this respect would anyone be able to help with the correct sequnce of installations of the components. This would be of extreme help us to understand , plan minimum infrastructure and start quickly without loosing time . Pointers to any concise documents would also be of great help.


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Hi Abhi,

You can address your questions here or you can contact me at zoubi77 @ for any detailed info.

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Hi Zoubii,

Thanks will get in touch with you surely.



Hi Amichaell,

Thanks a lot for the quick and precise details. Very helpful . We would be starting the pilot build shortly and would get back how it goes and would requre help whenever faced with any roadblock.


My pleasure.  Let me know if you need any further assistance.
Hi Amichaell,

Thanks. One more if you can assist.

The pilot would be primarily focussing on the user experience part . Subsequently we would need to provide options for 2500 Desktops and 5000 desktops. The criteria would be approximately as follows:

a) Hosted desktops :- 45% of the users
b) Streamed desktops:- 25% of the users
c) Shared desktops:- 15% of the users
d) Users accessing only apps via Xenapp :- 10%
e) Mobile laptops users accessing OS via web interface :- 5%
e) The desktop OS : Windows 7 enterprise
f)  Hypervisor : Hyper-V R2 SP1
g) SCVMM R2 for Hyper-V management
h) Storage : Yet to be decided , but would support VM live migration , etc to cater to the DR requirement
i)  The user profile consistency would be required for both hosted and streamed category of users
j) Application streaming on the desktops would be via Xenapp
k) Almost all major MS-office suite of products plus additional 7-10 standard apps
l) Around 40% of the user under each categories would get covered under DR option
m) There would be two sites . The Sites are connected with high bandwidth links

For hosted desktops there would thin clients and for the streamed existing desktops would be utilised where the OS need to be streamed.  Gradually the desktops would get replaced by thin clients.

Assuming that the server hardware infrastructure would be HP DL series , can you please help to provide  guidelines as to how to go about sizing the different  Xendesktop components, Storage, etc to mee these requirements and what could be the best approach in this scenario. Pointers to any sizing tools, precise documents ,etc would be of extreme help.



any updates on this architecture diagram please ?