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Disabled & Hidden Accounts and email

Hi guys this is very similar but slightly different to what's in the knowledge base from what I see.

I have a user who has been disabled with email forward configured.

Internal email that has been sent to that address are forwarded to the forwarder. Howerver if I try to send email from external address such as gmail it gives me a bounce say that

550-Invalid recipient

Is this because that the address is hidden on exchange?

I have Exchange 2007
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Hiding a mailbox hides it from the GAL, and also masks it from non-local email systems.
A foreign mail server will send a query to validate the destination email address, and if it's hidden, then your system will return a "not found" response.
This article tells a different story:
Maybe check the mailbox properties & verify the SMTP addresses associated with it. Possibly the mail from outside the organisation is using a different one.
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