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how to extract a pattern \"dd'/'MM'/'yyyy \" from a var?

i have a variable that i have a value        "asdasdasasd \"dd'/'MM'/'yyyy  \"sdfsdfsdfsdf"
i need to extract the value \"dd'/'MM'/'yyyy  \" from above javascript variable

how i can do it ?

is trim allow to do so?
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Om Prakash
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You can use the Split function and split string by "\".
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// Try:

var abc = "asdasdasasd \"dd'/'MM'/'yyyy  \"sdfsdfsdfsdf";
alert( abc.split('"')[1] );
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sorry this is my actual string :

"<text order=\"d,m,y\" formatstring=\"dd'/'MM'/'yyyy  \"/>

and what i need to check whether the string has dd/mm/yyyy format not mm/dd/yyyy format

split gives so many splitted values i can extract that particular text \"dd'/'MM'/'yyyy  \"  
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@Proculopsis: You mean

alert( abc.split('\\')[1] );
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Thanks very much !! :-)