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Windows Vista Internet Issue

I have a clients machine who has Windows Vista installed on it.  They were having issues with their Wireless system so we replaced their modem and router with a Dlink all in one init.  Now we have an issue where the computer that is connected to the router via network cable, gets local acess only and not internet access.

It seems to get an Ip address fine but can not see the internet.
All other computers connected via wireless can get onto the internet fine.

I noticed in Network and Sharing Centre that the Network was set as a Public Network.  I changed it to Private and it got access.
After restarting the computer it went back to a Public Network and lost internet access.  The local connection is fine though.  The Modem is connected to their ISP OK as well.

If I set the local connection to a Private Network it still does not get the Internet.  local lAccess only.

Does anyone know why this would be?

As other computers are able to connect to the internet I am presuming it is not the modem but the computer that is at fault.

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Chris B
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This sems to be a Vista issue. Rebooting will fix it, as will disabling the network card and re-enabling. I constantly had the same issue until I upgradewd to Win 7.

Chris B
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Michael Belletty


I have done both of those suggestions to no avail
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Are you able to ping to any Internet IP ?
If no, as you have other computers, try connecting a diff machine via a wired cable and check if you are able to connect. If the connection fails from another comp as well, this would help you know if the issue is with the wired connections to the router or with a specific machine..

They have a laptop which can connect wirelessly fine. I was unable to get the laptop to connect via cable though. I will new to test another computer on the cable connection.  The funny thing is though is that the pc will connect sometimes but not others.