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How do I stop the Lenovo ThinkVantage Toolbox message from popping up?

Hi all,

I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T400 with Windows 7 Ultimate at work. Since a month ago, after the ThinkVantage Toolbox software was updated, I get a really annoying message poping up every couple of minutes saying that no errors were found on the system.

I've found some people with the same problem when I googled about this but not one of the solutions were conclusive and more important, there is no mention about that here in EE.

My company's IT guys told me that the best solution was to uninstall the toolbox but I really preffer to find another solution. There is no options inside the ThinkVantage options to turn that off and there's no service associated with it that I can kill.

Does anyone knows the solution to this?
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jcgriff2, thanks for that program. It's amazing. I've found "SystemToolsDailyTest" under Scheduled Tasks  but it wont let me stop it. When I try to uncheck its box, a popup appears saying "Error Changing Item State".

I did shut down another Scheduled Task called PCDoctorBackgroundMonitor from the same company (it's the name of the company that makes the ThinkVantage Toolbox) but the toolbox keeps appearing.

How can I stop that other task?
Thanks a lot. It helped me figure out what was going on (using that program) and I solved it from Windows Schedule Tasks Manager.
Hi -

Glad to hear you found Task Scheduler.

In AutoRuns, you have different users you can choose - like the supreme NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM.  In the future - click on "users" tab.

There are more apps available from SysInternals - SysInternals Suite.  My favorites are Process Explorer and Process Monitor.

Happy New Year!

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I found a solution by google "popup new lenovo toolbox pcdoctor" in

Thank's alot to these guys.