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Setup network to share VPN

Hi All,

Here's the pitch:

On my internal network I have 2 laptops (win7 pro & winXP SP3), a desktop PC (win 7 pro), a linksys NAS200 and a PS3 hardwired to a WRT610N router with IP address ranges of 192.168.1.x and the router connects to ISP.  Running a VPN dialler on any PC connects though router fine and speed is quite acceptable although slightly fishy if you go to but thats by the by.

Prompted by the latest firmware upgrade to my UK bought PS3 which has some great app's that allow video etc to be accessed my question is how do I set up the router or one of the PC's to act as a stepping stone so that all machines on the network can access this VPN route?  Obviously I don't want to compromise on speed if at all possible.

ICS is a possible way forward but I need some help on this as I would end up with 2 DHCP's IP clashes etc?

I appreciate any info,

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What is on the other end of this VPN?

When you connect to the VPN and then run ICS on that box, the ICS box will do NAT'ing for devices going over the VPN.  The other end of the VPN will see "one" device, not 5.

It seems a bit weird to me that you want your PS3 to connect to something over a VPN.  Of course I have only used VPN's for business to business or employee to work setups.
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The VPN gives any device that connects across VPN a UK IP address so that apps such as Skype will work.  I believe that any machne with ICS enabled changes its IP to and enables a DHCP servcie from it so all other machines on the network will now see the router DHCP and ICS DHCP server.  How do we get round this and still ensure all machines get the correct DNS gateway and NAT and communicate with each other?  Or am I complicating things unneccesarily?  Would a WRT610N be able to be set up as a VPN gateway rather than use ICS?  Are there any other products that can?

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It is as I expected then:

Setup 1 machine with router subnet 192.168.0.x that connects normally to WRT610N router.
Connect to VPN and select ICS on this VPN connection to UK IP server

Set static IP addresses to 192.168.137.x on all other devices so they can talk to each other on their own subnet and their gateway address to
Set DNS on adapters to same and possibly add some public DNS servers such as google and and to possibly speed up name resolution

How does that sound?
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Well that was the "messy" way I referred to that would make do with what you've got.
Choose your fastest machine to do the ICS
You'll also need to disable DHCP on the Linksys and I believe DNS will be set to the ICS machine which will pass through to whatever DNS settings it has.
BTW, if you're worried about dns speed, you will need to research public dns servers geographically near you.
Otherwise that sounds right.
You can give it a go - it won't cost you anything but time
But I still recommend the first option outlined above.
I have a feeling you may need another NIC in the designated "ICS machine" which connects to a switch to feed your LAN...
First option I presume is buying an enterprise/business router for the job?

My desktop machine has 2 GB NICs a Gigabyte UD5 motherboard with core i7 920 @ 2.67 GHz 6GB Ram so that should do the job especially when I replace the OS HDD with a crucial C300 which is on its way so that should be sufficient.

Allegedly google dns refers you to the geographically closest DNS server anyway but I have just found an app called namebench which picks the closest/fastest so I'm going to give that a go.

The only local bottlenecks will be the link to the study where the NAS and a laptop are as that has powerline 200's to make the route but contention issues shouldn't come into a 2Gb ISP link but only time will tell.

we both came to the same conclusion