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Outlook 2007 category list

I want to use the same category list on all of my PCs. One PC has the list with all of the custom entries. The new PCs only have color categories. The PCs are Win7. Is there a way to export the list and import it into the other PCs?
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There are thirth party tools to accomplish this goal.
But you can also manage the categorie list with an outlook gpo from group policy management. The only bottleneck is that the categories must be set in the gpo, so it must be done by an admin or with the proper rights.

A thirth party tool:
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Hi, wmpierro.

I see you already have a solution, so this is just a comment.  I wrote an article here on EE showing how to do this
There are free tools here:
Includes Export/Import and many more tools are much simplier than using VBA.
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I have already used this and it worked perfectly. The interface is Microsoft Excel with an imbedded macro. All you have to do is run it on the PC that contains the Category list you want to copy, choose the Outlook version on that PC and it will populate the spread sheet. Then you copy the file to the new PC, open the spreadsheet and choose the version of Outllook on that PC . The macro runs and populates the new category list.
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