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Brand new SBS 2008 server 'freezes' when any menu item selected

We have just taken delivery of a partly pre-configured SBS 2008 server and are in the process of completing the configuration on site.

This process is a part of a manual migration from SBS 2003 using a brand new out of the box server.  We do not plan an automatic migration because of problems that have developed with the 2003 installation and therefore a clean build and manual installation of software and services is the only option we have.

We are newcomers to SBS 2008 but thought we had prepared ourselves and rehearsed the processes sufficiently on the 'drawing board' to proceed for real.

The supplier has introduced our list of users, set up pop3 email services, and set in place various default services.

The new server is currently in a stand-alone state whilst we get used to the new SBS 2008 operating system i.e. no network connection, no router, no network switches etc.  

From first time use by ourselves after logging in as a user with Administrator rights the SBS 2008 Console loads and the tabs and  'console initiated' functions respond to mouse clicks. We can move freely around the console area.  

In order that we can snoop around the file and partition arrangements we can induce 'Explorer' to load  by using the Windows symbol and 'E', however, if an item is selected from the Start Menu or a desktop icon is selected the system 'freezes' in so far that the selected item does not load, despite the presence of the egg-timer, all menu items become inactive and cannot be highlighted.  

We have discovered that logging the user out and re-logging in brings us back to the SBS Console but then we enter the same loop.

No apologies for my naivety, what are we missing?
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Personally, if it were my server and it was a fresh build and was still isolated from the LAN, I would wipe anything on it and start the build again as you could spend more time trying to fix it than it would take to rebuild from scratch.

Plus, if it is unstable now, it does not bode well for the future.

Cut your losses now and build again.
The "SBS Console" is just a little helper program that Microsoft includes with SBS 2008 to automate some tasks such as creating users, etc.

You should still see the start menu, system tray, clock, etc. and you should be able to click the start menu to launch programs, just like you would in Windows Vista or 7. It is a "themeless" skin - so no blue orb or anything just a basic start menu, but it should be there.

From your post it implied that you couldn't see the start menu, is that true?
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Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Set up the network and internet access and away we go. It had to be something stupidly simple.  Staring us in the face really.  The old adage works all of time: "When all else fails, read the instructions!"
Further to your own query the specification of the server is fully SBS 2008 compliant and we are using RAID 5 on a 3 drives set up.
Typical - fussy SBS.  Glad you got it resolved.