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Virus in Outlook Express under WinXP

I keep getting popups and other weird things are happening.  I ran Security Essentials with full scan but I'm still getting them.  Where are these programs getting loaded and how can I remove them?

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After removing a few trogans with the malwarebytes program I removed IE 7 and then reinstalled it.  After that I installed IE 8.  Everything seens okay other than I can't use the Windows Update program because the browser complains it can't load the page.  I get the same message with Chrome.  Every other MS site seems to be OK.  Any ideas?

Are you logged on Windows under an admin-level account when you visit the Windows Update site?  Just WHAT does show up inside the web browser when you try to visit there?  Does it really say only "can't load page"?

What security products do you have installed (anti-virus, HIPS, firewall, anti-malware, etc)?  Have you yet tried with the [Windows] firewall disabled (and the same with the other security products)?  Have you yet tried rebooting into Windows' safe mode (with networking) and retry visiting the WU site?
It could be your Hosts file.  Run the Microsoft Fix it tool here.