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Frontend broken on my Magento E-Commerce shop

Hello to everyone,

I'm trying to configure my E-commerce shop with Magento. I've installed Magento in two folders on my web space,here :

and here :

In the first folder (ecommerce),the elements of the frontend are well placed,but I haven't configured the goods inside the shop at all. In the last folder (mage) there is the whole and better configured version of my e-shop,but as you can see in the frontend there are elements that aren't so well placed. Can someone help me to fix them ? Thanks.
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looks like you botched the theme in the second site.

How did you setup and configure your theme?

1. Did you correctly set up your theme?
  a) This means you set up a new folders to contain your theme changes. Don't edit the default theme, override it.

2. What are your theme config settings?

3. Have you tried reverting back to the original default theme?

4. what major changes have you made to your theme?
Looks like you moved the div with the class "nav-container" into the div with the class "header". This is partially why things are messed up.

1. Why did you make this change?

2. are you fluent in php, html, and css? if not it will be a nightmare trying to theme a magento site.
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I haven't done it. I don't know why how it's happened. Maybe I wrong something while I was following your directions the previous time.
Try to tell me how to fix it,I will try to don't make you loose your time.
oh, hey.

Here Do this. Lets set up the theme the correct way.
1. Put all the Magento Files back to there original state.

2. then create a new theme folder, lets call it "custom"
  A) app/design/frontend/default/custom (create this folder)
  B) skin/frontend/default/custom (create this folder)

3. Now lets set up the theme in the admin.
   A) Login to the admin and go to System-> Configuration -> Design (this is where we can set theme related config options)
  B) expand the  Box titled "package".The Current package name should be "default".
  c) expand the box titled "themes". Now this is where we will be making a few changes. set every thing in the box to "custom" except for the "default"field. the field labeled default needs to be set to default.

Now you should have your theme configured so that we can just override files instead of editing the main theme (default).

Check the site and make sure everything is showing up like a default install.

Now we can apply the changes you are trying to make.
in the folder app/design/frontend/default/custom/ you need to add any files you want to override. they need to be in the same folder structure ad the original file. So if we want to override the app\design\frontend\base\default\template\callouts\left_col.phtml file then we would need to create the following folders  file structure.


Now this file is overriding the original. Add some HTML to the file ensure the change shows up.

Now anytime you need to change a file copy it into the custom theme folder and duplicate the folder structure it was in and this way you can easily keep track of changes you make and when theme bugs happen you can bug hunt them easier.

Let me know how this goes.

this is the situation.
1. you need to set the Default field to "default" in 2.jpg
2. it does not look like you undid your changes. Did you put the original files back?

3. Did you follow every step I listed in the last post?
I've set up the Default field to default,but problems are still there. I have a doubt : what do you mean exactly when you say "1. Put all the Magento Files back to there original state" ? Because I've started to follow your directions from point 2.

you had changed template and layout files,so unzipped a fresh install and copy those files over top of the files you had changed. This way you are starting from scratch.
is it enough to upload again a fresh design folder ?
Probably, unless you changed the files in the skin folder.
That would be a good place to start.
Maybe I've found an easier way to fix everything :

here :

I have the working version of magento with the frontend fixed. What it need to be fixed here is to upgrade it from to 1.4.2 and to fix the best selling products links and images....
1. Why do you need to upgrade?
2. If you did not set up your theme similar to how I described then your changes will be lost after upgrading.
3. To upgrade download the new version and copy it over the current version or use magento connect.
Is there an easy way to remove the whole best selling products section from the frontend ?
I've tried to upgrade magento using the magento connect,but I seen that I need to have the root privilegies,I haven't because I'm on a shared web account.
1. To remove the best selling products you would need to enable the template hints again to see what file it comes from. Enable it and I can tell you.

2. Why must you upgrade? why not start with a fresh install of 1.4.2 or just stay with the version you have. I have multiple stores running ver1.4.1.1 and I would only upgrade if there was a security fix or some new functionality I wanted.

I've enabled the template hints,check it please :

there is no hints associated to the best selling products.
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Thanks. The best selling product section has been disabled and the frontend problems are gone,but this in this e-shop I haven't configured very well my products. Now I have two possibilites : or I can export the categories/product from the other magento store or I fix its frontend. Here we have finished the work,you have help me a lot already,if you want to help me further,I will open a new topic,so that you can earn 500 points again for your big help.
The original question has not been fixed,but the alternative magento installation has been partially fixed.