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Is it possible to have a fixed Iframe height in a cross domain situation?


I have an iframe.  I have access to the page where I created the Iframe, but no access to the domain that is showing in the iframe window.

Here is the page, work in progress.

Idealliy I would like the height to be, let's say 1000 pixels.   Ideally without scroll bars.

Is there a cross browser solution available. For PC and Mac -- and even for IE6?

Am I looking for the impossible?

Perhaps some javascript would help??

Here's the current iframe code:

<iframe src="" name="frame1" scrolling="yes" frameborder="no" align="center" height="800" width="100%">

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Related to your page: remove height: 100%; from iframe in Template_css.css and replace in html current iframe scrolling="yes" to scrolling="no".
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Thanks Ssupreme,

That fixed it :)