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Windows Server 2003 - can't access some websites even in Trusted Zone

I have Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition.  When I open up Internet Explorer and try to go to certain websites, I get this error:
Cannot find server or DNS Error

The sites I'm having problems with include, and

All these URLs are listed in the list of Trusted Sites.  Some other sites that are listed there I can access without problem (e.g.

If I try and access a brand new site, I get the dialog box saying content from the site is blocked, and asking if I want to add it to the list of trusted sites.  Curiously, if I don't click the 'Add' button, I can still then see that website.

So, can anyone suggest where I'm going wrong here and how I manage to get to the Windows Update website?  Thanks
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The Windows 2003 server operating system comes with enhanced security options. When the administrator sets up the server, hosting websites or services can become an issue. This is because the enhanced security options block client requests by default. These options are labeled "Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Options," which make it difficult for the administrator to identify the issue. Once these security options are removed, the web server functions normally and doesn't block client requests.

Difficulty: Moderate

Click the Windows "Start" button and select "Control Panel." In the window that opens, double-click the "Add or Remove Programs" icon.
Click the "Windows Components" tab. This opens a new window that lists all the configured operating system components installed on the machine.
Remove the check mark next to "Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration" and click the "Next" button. It may take several seconds for windows to remove the function.
Click the "Finish" button at the final screen and reboot the machine for the changes to take effect. Windows 2003 enhanced security features will no longer block client requests.

Read more: How to Turn Off Windows 2003 Security Options |
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Managed to figure it out myself.  Other answer given would have been useful for other circumstances I think, just no in this particular case.