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Exchange 2010 Email Archiving

I've enable email archiving in exchange 2010 but it doesn't appear to work.

I used one of the predefined retention policy tags "personal 1 year move to archive", I then created a rentention policy and assigned the retention policy tag and finally applied the policy to my mailbox.

I've enable archiving on my mailbox account, gave the policy a name, enabled quota's, but nothing is happening, meaning I'm assuming that the archive will automatically move mail which is older than a year to my archive, since thats what the retention policy is set to.

We have exchange 2010 Enterprise, Enterprise Cals, and Office 2010 Prof. Plus.  I see the arvhive folder in outlook but not mail.

I feel like I'm missing something, please help.

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No, but I'll try it
didn't work
they don't move to archive?!
no they didn't, but I have found some more information, I'll let you know if it works.
wrong policy type, now it's working
thanks for the input