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Windows Server 2008 x86 ATI Rage XL Driver

Can't for the life of me get this setup correctly (although not too important), but, I'm using an older Dell PowerEdge 2600 server with a newly installed Windows Server 2008 to run a small scale database and App server.  The server has legacy onboard ATI Rage XL graphics.  Windows uses a generic driver with little options to change the resolution or color settings.  I downloaded the available drivers from AMD, which are quite old as the Rage line hasn't been supported for some time.  I can install if I use comparability mode, and Device manager does show an ATI Rage XL as the video adapter (albeit PCI even though it's embedded).   Only problem, I get even less options if I use said drives (I only get 24-bit color and 2 different resolutions).

Any Suggestions?  Is there a generic driver out there that may give me more options? This isn't crucial as it is just a App \DB server.
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Oddly that's higher res than I'm getting - I don't really care but being at a low res is kind of lame.  The server board doesn't have any PCI-X slots for the cards I have (it'got PCI-X 64 and standard PCI) and I'm not planning on buying anything new, so looks like I'm stuck.