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Nest Iif statements in ACCESS 2003 query

I have a query behind a form that needs to have nested iif statements, but I can't seem to get the syntax correct.  Attached is the first leve and it works.  But I need to also add Iif(tblStatusResults.period_range_type = 'Unknown', "NO PERIOD RANGE TYPE-MUST ADD!", "")  in the statement, but I keep getting the error wrong arguments.  
ExceptionComment: IIf(tblStatusResults.ProblemGroup='ExpectedRun',IIf(IsNull(tblStatusResults.AsOfDate),'Never Run','ExpectedDate: ' & tblStatusResults.ExpectedDate),'')

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I'm assuming you want it as the final iif:

IIf(tblStatusResults.ProblemGroup='ExpectedRun',IIf(IsNull(tblStatusResults.AsOfDate),'Never Run','ExpectedDate: ' & tblStatusResults.ExpectedDate),Iif(tblStatusResults.period_range_type = 'Unknown', "NO PERIOD RANGE TYPE-MUST ADD!", "", ''))

It's all about where you leave the commas and closing parentheses.

Where do you want to check the new IIF condition? check if this is what you are looking for.

IIF(tblStatusResults.ProblemGroup = 'ExpectedRun',
           IIF(ISNULL(tblStatusResults.AsOfDate),'Never Run',
               'ExpectedDate: ' & tblStatusResults.ExpectedDate),
           IIF(tblStatusResults.period_range_type = 'Unknown',
               'NO PERIOD RANGE TYPE-MUST ADD!',''))
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Swtich works the best as I also need to add other conditions that are mutually exclusive.
Thank you, this was even better than the route I was going.

Glad to help!  If you have not already done so, I would really appreciate it if you could please return to my article
and click 'Yes' for the 'Was this helpful?' voting.

Patrick, done.