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How do I navigate to a specific Tab?

You may not be able to answer this question without seeing my entire site template, but maybe it's simpler than that, so I'll post this...

I just bought a CSS template (called Slate Admin from and re-skinned my site.  I implemented their tabbing feature that navigates to a specific tab within the HTML file (or aspx in my case).  The Navigation menu code is:

                        <ul class="portlet-tab-nav">
                              <li class="portlet-tab-nav-active"><a href="#tab1" rel="tooltip">Pending Tracks</a></li>                        
                              <li class=""><a href="#tab2" rel="tooltip">Tracks the need Metadata </a></li>
                              <li class=""><a href="#tab3" rel="tooltip">Active Tracks</a></li>

The HREF's navigate to these div elements:
                        <div id="tab1" class="portlet-tab-content portlet-tab-content-active"></div>
                        <div id="tab2" class="portlet-tab-content portlet-tab-content-active"></div>
                        <div id="tab3" class="portlet-tab-content portlet-tab-content-active"></div>

My question is, how do I navigate to tab2 from another page within my app?  I tried the following, and it just goes to the default of tab1:
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Dave Baldwin
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Firefox might do that but IE only goes to references on the same page.  This <a href="#tab2"> is defined by the standards as a link to <a name="tab2"> on the same page.  I'm a little surprised that it will go to a div with that id but it does in Firefox.
I believe to make this work, you need to use the URL of the page it is on plus the anchor name, like this:

<a href="" rel="tooltip">Pending Tracks</a>
The above only works for anchors on another page. For anchors in the same page simply use:
#footer (this would take you to the footer on that page, assuming you have a div id="footer" in your footer.php template.
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Gary Davis
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