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+1 phone number conversion site needed

After MUCH hassle regarding phone numbers and the correct dialing sequence for phone numbers, the following I now pretty much understand.  To figure out how to actually dial someone's number when they don't include the +1 for you, is simply to count backward.  Surprisingly this seems to work.  Thus, 123456789123456789 becomes 12345678 912-345-6789 .  For the most part this seems to work and always seems to work for the last 7 digits.  This helps alot but it is still sometimes a little bit perplexing to figure out the rest of it (international dialing prefix + country code) as it depends on a variety of factors I always forget when dialing from my cell phone via Skype.  So I have set out to make this easier by having each outsourcer fill out a form where they MUST include the +1 number.  When they do that, it is usually not a problem to dial it.  Unfortunately, they sometimes still figure out a way to mess it up.  

That is to say that I still need a site that I can force them to visit, where they can go first to 'convert' their own local number to a +1 in a single easy step.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Thanks nickq5,

Your response is greatly appreciated.  I wasn't speaking of 1+ but rather +1.  Often when you contact an outsourcer, they will give you a +1 number.  That is so that dialing is easy from free dialing services such as Skype or other VOIP phones.

Here is the wiki on it
Note near the bottom of the main paragraph.  Dialing +1 automatically dials the International Prefix for you so that you can simply enter the rest of the dialing sequence, precisely as stated, from wherever you are.  Thus the purpose of asking them to put in the +1 number is essentially like saying "put it in a universal format".  Once they do that, I can reach them.

The problem comes in with respect to more fully developed countries where they don't think they have to do that.  When they don't put in the +1, then I would have to figure out how to dial them.  This is time consuming.

What I need is a website that will auto-calculate the +1 format for them in a manner that they can shoot it back to me.

We are talking about +1 as opposed to 1+ which is an entirely different thing.
I've glanced a round and googled, and it is tough question.
Maybe some others can help you.

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Answered what he understood to be a different question.  I am still waiting on a good answer to the question I asked.