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viewing 1 million images??

i have a hard disk filled of security images 13kb each but over one million images(20GB)and windows 7 is having a having a hard time allow me to sort the images out. anyone have any suggestions how i can view them and soft them out?
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Picasa works well for this.

IrfanView may work for you.
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i've tried irfanview viewer and the thumbnail app, both locks up
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im still copying all the images from a disk to my c drive and seems like windows explorer is constantly refreshing which is causing it not to respond. i dont really need to view the images, but cut and paste the images into folders by dates.
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what is the dos command for cut and paste?
dos command for cut and paste is move

Once you get about 2000 photos in a single directory, things start slowing down.

Free image viewer which is better than built in windows viewer:
That would be the "move" command.

To copy all .jpg files that start with "image10-06-21*" to the c:\images\2010-06-21\ directory and then delete the original:
move image10-06-21*.jpg c:\images\2010-06-21

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