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ColdFusion 8: Element PARENTID is undefined in URL

I have an CF8 action page to update a table and am getting the following error:

Element PARENTID is undefined in URL.  
The error occurred in C:\ColdFusion8\wwwroot\PET\Parent\inactParent.cfm: line 6
4 : UPDATE ParentSchoolTbl
5 : SET ActiveYN = '#Trim(frmInact.ActiveYN)#'
6 : WHERE ParentID=#URL.ParentID# and Form.DistrictIDFK = #Session.DistrictIDFK#
7 : </CFQUERY>
8 :

When I use the WHERE ParentID=#URL.ParentID# in a CFINSERT statement it works.  I don't understand why it isn't working in this case.  I'm out of ideas.  I would appreciate some advice on what I am doing wrong.  I have attached the code snippet: Snippet ID=5898270

Thank you.

Form Page:

<input type="hidden" name="UserName" value="#Session.UserName#">
<input type="hidden" name="District" value="#Session.DistrictIDFK#">
<input type="hidden" name="School" value="#Session.SchoolIDFK#">

<CFSET ParentID="#GetParent.ParentID#">
<CFSET SchoolIDFK="#GetParent.ParentSchoolIDFK#">
<CFSET ActiveYN="#GetParent.ActiveYN#">

School List for #GetParent.ParentFirstN# #GetParent.ParentLastN#
<cfform name="frmInact" action="inactParent.cfm">
<cfinput type="hidden" name="ParentID" value="#URL.ParentID#">
<cfinput type="hidden" name="DistrictIDFK" value="#Session.DistrictIDFK#">

<tr><td><cfinput type="hidden" name="SchoolIDFK" value="#SchoolIDFK#"></td><td>#SchoolName#&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</td>

<CFIF ActiveYN IS "True">
	<CFINPUT TYPE="Checkbox" NAME="ActiveYN" checked>
	<INPUT TYPE="Checkbox" NAME="ActiveYN">
<INPUT TYPE="Submit" name="Submit" title="Submit Update">

Action Page:

<cfparam name="frmInact.ActiveYN" default="" >

UPDATE ParentSchoolTbl
SET ActiveYN = '#Trim(frmInact.ActiveYN)#'
WHERE ParentID=#URL.ParentID# and Form.DistrictIDFK = #Session.DistrictIDFK#

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Brijesh Chauhan
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In CFINSERT you pass the FORMFIELDS, so it identifies PARENTID, but the is not the case with CFQUERY
    dataSource = "data source name"
    tableName = "table name"
    formFields = "formfield1, formfield2, ..."
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Hey B,

Thanks for the info.  I modified it and now I don't get the error.  When the ActiveYN value is initially True, unchecking the checkbox does change it to false in the table.  However, when I check the ActiveYN checkbox, it doesn't change back to true.  Do I need to pose this as a different question?


Yes, Please pose a different question, also just for debugging purpose, just on your action page have <cfdump var ="#form#" />, this would give you a better idea of WHAT form values are passed and how they look, FORM would be a struct.
Also, you can modify the above checking code to

<CFINPUT TYPE="Checkbox" NAME="ActiveYN" <cfif ActiveYN IS "True"> checked="yes" </cfif> >
Check on what does FORM variable for ActiveYN pass to you when checked, intially you are setting it to
<CFSET ActiveYN="#GetParent.ActiveYN#">
but when the form is submitted it becaomes form checkbox variable. If you dump the #form# on you action page, you can see it. You would have to change <cfif ActiveYN IS "True">  condition.